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46million for ww1

1600million for ww2

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Q: Were more people killed in ww1 or World War 2?
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What killed more people after World War 1 than the war itself?


What killed more World War 2 or the holocaust?

World War II killed 8 million people total while the Holocaust killed 11 million people including 6.2 million Jews.

How many were killed and wounded in world war 1?

approximately 10 million people were killed, with thousands more injured.

How many people were killed in World War II?

2 million people were killed in World War II.

Who killed more people during World War 2 The Germans The Japanese or the Russians?

The Germans

Why were there so few survivors in World War 2?

More people survived WW2 than were killed in it.

Were more people killed in the Civil War or the World war?

world war 2 took morer lives becaouse half a million people who died in world war 2 was civilions and the holcaoust did most of the work.Between POW's and storming the beach and concentration camps.Each took more then the other

If the people in the United States were using money still during World War 2 then what did the Japanese use for money in the internment camps during World War 2?

world war 1 killed the most because they had more people

Why is Hitler the reason of World War 2?

wants more powere killed over 9 million people

What are the main facts about the plague?

It was spread by rats and it killed more people that world war 1 and 2 combined

Who killed more people in world war 2?

Stalin murdered an estimated 42 million during WW2.

How many people were killed in World War 2 by a Taiwan?

2,975,456 people were killed by Taiwan in a massacre