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The British bought over alot of things that are convienient to most families lifestyle, this including, animals(pigs, cows, rabbits, foxes, sheep, horses, cattle), food including our main vitamins and protien, weapons and convicts.

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* foxes * rabbits * toads * noxious blackberries, lantana and other vegetative pests * diseases for the indigenous people

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Q: What Has Britain Brought To Australia?
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What traditions were brought to Australia by Britain?

shaving legs and eating koala.

What group of people was brought from great Britain to live in Australia?

Convicts, vagabonds.. but primarily convicts, as Australia was originally used as a penal colony.

Foods brought to Australia in the 1960s from Britain?

i am not really sure but if you need any help, don't use this website

When did chickens come to Australia?

In 55 bc the Romans invaded Britain and brought chickens with them.

What people did the Britain's broaght to Australia?

They brought criminals of all sorts. They were generally British citizens but there were other nationalities among them.

What was the disease that was brought in Britain?

The horrible disease, plague, was brought in Britain.

Was Australia an ally to Great Britain?

Easy answer, Yes. Australia and Britain were/are allies as Britain was once seen as a "Mother Country" and promised to always help Australia if they were ever introuble, as did Australia for Britain.

How and why did Australia lose Britain as an ally?

Australia has not lost Britain as an ally.

What is the season in Australia when it is autumn in Britain?

When it is Autumn in Britain it is Spring in Australia.

When and why were foxes brought to Australia?

The foxes were brought to Australia for hunting purposes in 1855

What type of religion was brought to Australia by the Europeans?

The Europeans brought Christianity to Australia.

When was Britain-Australia Society created?

Britain-Australia Society was created in 1971.