What country settled Australia?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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The first European settlers in Australia were primarily convicts from England, together with the officers and the marines who guarded them.

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Britain colonised Australia.

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Q: What country settled Australia?
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Which country settled Australia?

great Brittan

Is Australia a densely or a sparsely populated country?

Australia is a sparsely populated country, with most of the population settled round the coast.

Which country helped settled Australia and New Zealand?

British Empire

Rock band ac dc originated in what country?

Angus and Malcolm came from the UK and settled in Australia , the band was formed in Australia.

Why did very few immigrants settled in Australia?

This statement is not true. Australia is a country of immigrants, much like the US or Canada. Europeans and Asians especially have been migrating to Australia since its beginning as a country in massive numbers.

Is Australia a county?

That question has been debated ever since we named the continents. But i think the scientists settled on both, Australia is both a continent and a country.

What states was settled in by the colony of the first fleet?

If you mean, "What states were settled in by the colony of the first fleet?", the answer to that would be none because when the colony of the first fleet settled in Australia, the country was undecided and wasn't divided up into separate states.

Why Australia belong to capitalist country?

Australia is a sovereign nation and does not 'belong' to anyone. The economic system in Australia is their own affair. Australia chooses to use the capitalistic economy model, as is their right. Being settled by the British, it was modelled on the British system.

Why did Captain Cook settle in Australia?

James Cook never settled in Australia. He was sent to explore whether there really was a great southern continent, but he never settled in Australia.

What country in Australia was first said to be in drought?

There are no other countries in Australia. Australia is the only country in Australia. Droughts have been known here since the start of European settlement, so it is most likely that the first known drought to affect European settlers occurred within New South Wales, the first state to be settled.

Which continent were platypuses native to that was settled by British criminals?

Platypuses are native to Australia. Australia was originally settled by convicts, marines and officers from England.

What was Georgia settled as?

Georgia was originally settled as a debtor's colony, kinda like Australia