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Q: What Latin American country was the first to achieve independence?
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What country Latin American country was the first to gain independence?

haitiThe first Latin American country to gain its independence was Haiti.

How have latin American nations tried to achieve economic independence?

Latin American nations have tried to achieve economic independence by controlling their means of production. Oil producing Latin American nations have nationalized oil companies.

Latin American Country that declared its independence from Spain in 1818?


First latin American country to fight for freedom?

The first Latin American nation to fight for independence was Haiti. The French colony began resisting in 1804. It was given independence in 1807.

Was Panama the first country in the Latin American and Caribbean regions to gain its independence?

no belize was

What kind of leaders governed latin American nations after independence?

dictators governed latin american nations after independence

Latin American country that won its independence from Spain in 1816 homeland of a famous south American general and revolutionary leader?


Haiti was the first latin American country to do what?

Haiti was the first Latin American country to gain independence from colonial rule in 1804, making it the first black-led republic in the world.

Why did American support the Latin American countries in their fight for independence?

The Americans decided to help the Latin-Americans in their fight for their independence because of the American Revolution. Latin-Americans were inspired by the American Revolution, therefore, the Americans decided to help in their fight for independence.

How was Brazil different from other Latin American nations in achieving independence?

The Brazilian independence movement was achieved with almost no resistance from Portugal as the Portuguese king, Dom Pedro I had been told by his father that if independence must come to Brazil he should let it. So in essence, it was the only Latin American nation to achieve independence without bloodshed or conflict.

When did the first Latin American country gain independence?

Haiti, whom was declared independent on January 1, 1804

Latin American country that won its independence from Spain in 1821 homeland of the George Washington of south America?