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They navigated and charted rivers and mountains north and west till they reached the Pacific Ocean and return using mostly river passages. They also set up commerce and trade with many Indian tribes setting up the ultimate demise of the American Indian land.

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They are explorers who are famous for exploring the western United States after the Louisiana purchase.

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Q: What are Lewis and Clark famous for?
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What famous explorers did Sacagawea travel with?

she traveled with Lewis and clark

What are Lewis and Clark's full names?

Lewis and Clark's full names are Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. Their famous journey lasted from 1804 until the fall of 1806.

What if Sacagawea was not with Lewis and Clark?

Sacagawea wouldn't have been known for her famous expedition that she lead Lewis and Clark on

What famous team of explorers did Sacagawea?

luois and clark

What mountain ranges did Lewis and Clark cross?

Lewis and Clark traveled through the Rocky Mountains during their famous expedition.

Famous people Of Texas?

lewis and clark,culumbeus,

Who are three famous pioneers?

Lewis and Clark and Sacagawea

How did Sacagawea famous?

She provided help to Lewis and Clark.

Who are famous explorers of the American West?

Lewis and clark

What famous team travelers did Sacajawea travel with?

she traveled with Lewis and clark (her name is actually spelled sacagewea)

Who did Jefferson send into Louisiana to explore?

lewis and clark

How did Sacagawea be famous?

Actually its for her leading on Lewis and clark on their expedition!!!