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Q: What are some examples on how great people suffer for their good deeds in history?
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What are the believes about suffering in Hinduism?

People suffer as a result of bad karma (bad deeds performed in this or a previous life that they have not yet redeemed themselves from)

Why do you need black history month?

Black history is important because it shines a light on a part of history that people do not always see. It helps people understand the importance of equality and how things have not always been that way.

How can you tell if people are rastist?

Their deeds.

What are the examples of Noble deeds?

planting treesbeing good o peopleshowing respecthelping out at comunity servisevoliteer

What is suggested from the following image from ozymandias?

The poem "Ozymandias" is about the futility of trying to create "immortality" by deeds or monuments. It is about how time erases such things, and how societies and people move on and forget their history.

What are deeds in Islam?

deeds in Islam are things such as helping people,praying for our god,and all good things

What are some cases where great people suffer for their good deeds?

When Martin Luther King Jr. got shot for trying to make the world a better place for black. Also, when Rosa Parks sat at the back of the bus to prove a point to the whites.

Can you reverse bad karma with good deeds?

you can reverse karma by good deeds as much as you can reverse history by good deeds because karma is only your accumulated load of history in other words it cant be reversed though it can be offset or modified by good deeds; however the Buddhist saying is that one word of anger wipes out aeons of forbearance and its true if you think about how you feel when your friends or family snap at you and you instantly forget their years of affection

What are good deeds and bad deeds in Christianity?

helping people stealing violent abuse bad language respectful kind

What were the key deeds of Adolf Hitler?

He killed people.

How people feel in a mosque?

People feel safe from the bad deeds in this world..

What has the author Ormonde written?

Ormonde has written: 'Calendar of Ormond deeds, 1172-' -- subject(s): Genealogy, History, Sources 'Calendar of Ormond deeds' -- subject(s): Genealogy, History, Medieval Manuscripts, Middle Ages, Sources