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What Is The Third Estate? Everything What Has It Been Until Now In The Political Order? Nothing What Does It Want To Be? Something

-from "What is the Third Estate?" by Abbe Sieyes, 1789

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Q: What are some famous quotes about the situation in France prior to 1789 and the resons for the french revolution?
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What is the most famous French castle?

La Bastille (dismantled in the 1789 revolution) and the Château de Versailles are most famous in France.

Emperor of France during the French Revolution?

France did not have an Emperor during the French Revolution, Napoleon became the Emperor of the French in 1804.

Who was king loui xvi?

The King of France when the French Revolution happened.

Before the french revolution who issued all of france's laws?

Before the French revolution, the monarchy issued France's laws.

What famous historical event place in 1789 in France?

The French Revolution against King Louis XVI and his 'ancien régime'.

What is the difference between french revolution and Indian revolution?

The French Revolution affected France, the Indian revolution affected India

What is the french revolution with Britain and France?

Britain was not involved in the French Revolution. The common people overthrew the French aristocrats.

Where was the battle of the French Revolution?

France. Obviously.

Was the French Revolution necessary for the betterment of France?


Who did France face in the French revolution?


Where did the French Revolution take palce at?


Was the French Revolution an effect of the Industrial Revolution?

No. The French Revolution was not an effect of the industrial revolution. The French revolution occurred due to the anger of the masses against the despotic rule of the monarchs in France.