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journals, novels, encyclopedias, charts , diagrams, paintings, TV reports, movies, radio Talk Shows, documentaries, internet, timeline

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Q: What are some ways historians present information?
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Describe two ways that the photo in the Examining Evidence section provides historians with useful information?

The photo can help historians determine the clothing styles of that period, which can provide insights into social status and cultural norms. Additionally, it can help historians understand the technology and tools used during that time, providing context for the daily lives and practices of people in the past.

How does historians think?

Historians think by analyzing and interpreting historical evidence such as documents, artifacts, and other sources to construct an understanding of the past. They often consider multiple perspectives, question established narratives, and engage in ongoing research and discussions to refine their interpretations. Historical thinking involves critical analysis, contextualization, and a commitment to representing the past accurately.

Do historians analyze historical sources in various ways?

Yes Twitter=@MalisVals ;]

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What types of obstacles do historians have to overcome?

Historians have to overcome problems such as false reports of events and destroyed evidence. They can overcome these by source checking all evidence with other verified accounts. Some of the calculations can be incorrect and falsehood can be spread. So they have to act like a detective to make sure their information is correct. Ways to get information is through research of similar events. Also they may investigate the site where the event occurred such as in wars or natural disasters. So they have to discuss with other historian, because they all can have different points of view.

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Two key terms are Historiography and Interpretation. Both relate to the idea that there are different ways to interpret historical events and some historians believe in different interpretations and belong to differing schools of thought.

What is a historians is doing when she examines the ways different historical cultures recorded history?

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