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Q: What are the courses of World War 1 that did not involved Germany?
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Who was Primarily Involved with World War 1?


Which country has World War 1 and World War 2?

Germany had was the one country that was involved in World War l and World War ll

Who was involved in the world war1?

There are a number of powers who were involved in the World War 1. Russia, Germany and France were the main countries in the war among others.

How did Poland get involved in the world war 2?

Poland was invaded by Germany.

What two countries was involved with the war world 1?

Germany and England .

What are the basic countries that were involved in world war 2?

Japan and Germany

How was Europe involved in World War 2?

Europe was involved by being near Germany and Germany wanted to eradicate everyone who were not of the "Aryan Race"

Which countries were involved in the war of desert in world war 2?

US, UK, Germany, Italy

Why did the us get involved with Germany in World War 2?

After the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and the U.S. declared war on them, Germany declared war on the U.S.

What war involved Germany?

idk exatly know what war ur talking about but if ur asking what wars took place in Germany then i know three of them for sure (the cold war) which was about the Berlin war 1 and 2 also involved in Germany

Which nation's civil war did Benito Mussolini become involved with?

Benito mussolin was involved it : World war one, World war two, and when Germany was attemting to take over Poland

What European countries were involved in World War 2?

Almost all of continental Europe was involved in World War 2. Many nations were invaded and occupied by Germany. Germany, France, England, Italy, and Russia were all combatants.