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medicalleave mean a half pay leave ,if a persen han no medical leave in credit ,he can avail earn leave as medical leave on mc basis .he can produce the mc and can avail a commuted leave or medical leave .

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Q: What are the medical Leave rules of central government of India?
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What are the Rules for Earned Leave in India?

The Rules for Earned Leave In India are laid differently according to ministries- Central Government and State Government and department for instance Central Civil Services(Leave) Rules, 1972 are applicable to Central Government Government employees only .Beside this earned leave is different for different departments for example a Railways and Education(Teaching). Just go to google search and type your state name added by Civil Services Rules.

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What is the rules and regulation for natural leave during menstrual period of a government salaried female staff in India?

their is no leave

What Legislation allows an employee to take unpaid maternity and other medical leave?

family medical leave act

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When on a medical leave but your boss found out you were stealing from the company can they fire you before your medical leave is up?

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Is a surrogate mother eligible for 180 days maternity leave as per central government rules?

Yes surrogate mother is eligible for leaves .But you have to check it out how many days are permissible.

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Does emergency leave replace regular leave?

It depends on what kind of "emergency leave" you are referring to. In the US there is a certain type of MEDICAL leave known as the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) which requires employers to grant medical time off dependent upon the requestor's family medical circumstance. In other cases, time off (other than medical) can be granted under so-called "emergency" conditions (i.e.: the sudden occurrence of an unforseen event) but this leave would be counted against that employees regular annual leave amount.