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The UN didn't exist in WW2, but was created as an answer to war. There was a pre-UN in 1942 called the Declaration of the United Nations signed by 26 countries and this group formed the United Nations later on. The first United Nations conference was scheduled on April 25, 1945 with 50 nations meeting in San Francisco. After 9 weeks of debate it was formed with the security council making up the big "five" of the United State, Russia, Britian, France and China. On July 28, 1945 the Senate approved the charter of the UN.

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Q: What countries were in the UN during World War 2?
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What action did the UN take during world war 2?

the UN was formed in 1945 after the war/was formed because of the war to establish communication and unification of world powers

How successful was the united nations world war 2?

The UN did not exist during WWII. It was founded towards the very end of the war.

How were Jewish people treated in Europe during the war?

The Jews were not in Palestine during World War I. The UN decided to create an Jewish country after World War II and the Holocaust.

What two countries led the UN coalisiton foces against the Iraq during the Gulf war?

UK and USA

What are the United Nations goals?

The main goal of the UN is to keep a safe and secure world now that after World War II lots of countries have the atom bomb. They want to basically stop World War III from happening.

How many countries and states are there in the world?

There are 194 countries in the world although the UN only recognizes 192 of them.

When was UN started and after which world event?

The UN was started in 1945, just after World War II.

What the UN does with regards to war turn countries?

This issue doesn't depend only of the UN. It's a global affair.

How many countries does the UN help?

The UN tries to have world peace and fairness for all countries. It will try to help all 193 of its members.

How did un form?

after world war 2

Why did China join World War 1?

China was invloved,yes but it was not part of the Allies. The British were just trading with them, that's all.

What did the other countries involved in the Korean War other than the US do to help?

Countries that were members of the UN (United Nations) sent troops to the war.