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Remember this saying, "In 732 at the battle of Tours, Charles Martel defeated the Moors." He was king of the Franks.

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Q: What country defeated Muslims at the battle of tours?
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Who won the battle of tours in 732?

At the Battle of Tours; a Christian army commanded by Charles Martel defeated an invading Muslim army commanded by Abdul Rahman Al Ghafqi.

What was one important result of the Battle of Tours?

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What is the signifiicance of the battle of tours in 732?

It was important as it stopped the spread of Islam (the Muslim belief) and let Christianity continue flourishing. If not for the Christians winning, the primary religion of the United States would be Islam.

What is the battle where the Muslim armies were defeated in France in 732?

An important one. In happened at Tours, France. Europe was in the darkest of the dark ages, very disorganized and poor. Islam, a hundred years after their Prophet's death, was a vigorous and aggressive army, carrying all before it. Muslims conquered the native peoples of North Africa, swept through Spain, destroying the Chirstian kingdoms there, and plunged deep into France, set on conquest of all Europe. At Tours, they were met by a determined force of Franks, led by Charles Martel ("The Hammer") and turned back. It was the "high-water mark" for Islam in the West, although it would be another seven and a half centuries (untill 1492) that they were finally expelled from Spain.

What was the significance of the battle of Tours?

732 AD - The Battle of Tours, also known as the Battle of Poitiers, was fought between the Moslems and Charles Martel of the Franks. (Martel meaning Hammer). The Moslems did not agree with the Christian beliefs, which started the belief in the god Allah, and went into several cultures to spread their belief. The Battle of Tours was won by the Franks. When night had fell, boths armies had rested bu Charles the Hammer went and killed the Moslems as they slept. The battle came to be known to the Frank as " The Victory of Tours" and to the Moslems as "The Pavement of Martyrs".

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Who were defeated by Charles Martel at the Battle of Tours?

The Muslims were defeated at the Battle of Tours. This stopped their expansion into Europe.

Which country defeated Arabs in the battle of tours?

NovaNet answer----->>>> FRANCE

What mayor of the palace defeated the Muslims at the battle of tours?

The Arabs were defeated in the Battle of Tours in 732 by the Merovingian Frankish Kingdom (the country that would eventually become France). Specifically, Charles Martel lead the Frankish forces.

Who was the Frankish leader who defeated the Muslims in Spain at the Battle of Tours in 732?

Charles MartelThe Frankish realm under Charles Martel was the foremost military power of Western Europe. He was in control of the army that won the Battle of Tours.Charles Martel defeated the Muslims in North Central FRANCE at the battle of Tours in 732.

What was the battle where the Muslims were defeated in France?

In French it is called "la bataille de Poitiers" in 732. In English it is called the Battle of Tours / Battle of Poitiers. (link)

If Charles Martel had not defeated the Muslims what might of happened?

If the Muslims weren't stopped at the Battle of Tours, Islam would have spread into Europe and Christianity would have been pushed out of Europe.

Which leader halted the Muslim invasion of Western Europe at the Battle of Tours?

Charles Martel led the army that defeated the Muslims at the Battle of Tours. The battle halted Muslim expansion into Western Europe. Despite the victory, the Muslims retained control of southern France for another 27 years.

The battle between the Muslims and the Franks was called the?

The battle between the Muslims and the Franks was called the Battle of Tours.

Who defeated the Moor at the battle of Tours?


Which Muslim dynasty won the battle of tours?

no Muslims won the battle of the tours! it was the franks that won. if the Muslims won than most of Germanywould be Muslim!

What was the Name of the battle where Charles martel defeated the Muslim invaders?

He defeated the Muslim invaders at the Battle of Tours.

Why wasn't the Muslims able to conquer most of the Continent?

Because when they tried to advance beyond Spain, they were defeated in the Battle of Tours in 732 by the Franks under King Charles 'Martel' (meaning the 'Battle hammer').