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At the Battle of Tours; a Christian army commanded by Charles Martel defeated an invading Muslim army commanded by Abdul Rahman Al Ghafqi.

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Q: Who won the battle of tours in 732?
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Whats the Battle of Tours in 732?

The famous battle of Tours in 732 A.D. halted the Muslim advance into Europe.

What are the dates of the battle of tours?


When did the battle of Tours take place?


What battle occurred in 732 AD that kept the Muslims out of central Europe?

The Battle of Tours! :)

What year was the battle of tours fought?

The Battle of Tours was fought on October 10th, 732. The battle was fought in an area between the French cities of Tours and Poitiers. The Franks emerged victorious over the advancing Muslims (who were pushing across Western Europe to Spain). The battle ceased any further movement west.

What country defeated Muslims at the battle of tours?

Remember this saying, "In 732 at the battle of Tours, Charles Martel defeated the Moors." He was king of the Franks.

Who was the Frankish leader who defeated the Muslims in Spain at the Battle of Tours in 732?

Charles MartelThe Frankish realm under Charles Martel was the foremost military power of Western Europe. He was in control of the army that won the Battle of Tours.Charles Martel defeated the Muslims in North Central FRANCE at the battle of Tours in 732.

Which Muslim dynasty attempted to conquer France in the Battle of Tours in 732 but was defeated by Charles?

The Muslim forces at the Battle of Tours were from the Caliphate of the Umayyad dynasty.

What was one important result of the Battle of Tours?

i dont want to answer this!! i want an answer

Where was Islam's attempt to conquer Europe stopped?

Charles Martel beat the Muslims at the Battle of Tours in what was Tours, France in 732 C.E.

Which Muslim dynasty won the battle of tours?

no Muslims won the battle of the tours! it was the franks that won. if the Muslims won than most of Germanywould be Muslim!

Why is 732 AD important to Muslims?

It was important to the Muslims because 732AD was the year of the battle of the tours.