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He represented our souls he didnt represent a country he represented every one so thank-you Sir <3

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huhh- i need a SPECIFIC COUNTRY
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England, more specifically, the Cathay Company sponsored Forbisher due to the curiousity and later, the "gold" he brought back to England.

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Martin Frobisher sailed for England

and when he found glod he would bring it back to the queen and would get money that's why he was a very rich man

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Q: What country did Sir Martin Frobisher represent?
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Why was Martin frobisher known as sir Martin frobisher?

His name is called Sir Martin Frobisher, is because he is a man not a women, if it was a women it would be called'' Madam Martin Frobisher.

When did sir Martin frobisher die?

Sir Martin Frobisher died on 1594 November 15th.

What is named after sir Martin Frobisher?

Frobisher Bay :)

Why did they call Martin frobisher sir Martin frobisher?

Because he was Knighted in 1588.

What is Sir Martin Frobisher's real name?

According to a number of sources, he was born Martin Frobisher (without the "Sir", of course).

Did sir Martin frobisher have parents?

yes sir martin did have parents

Was Sir Martin Frobisher smart?


What was Sir Martin Frobisher's goals?


Who was Sir Martin Frobisher was funded by?


Who did Martin Frobisher work for?

Sir Martin Frobisher worked for Sir Walter Religh which is how he died, Sir Martin got an order from Sir Walter to go fight the Spanish and so he did. After wards he got many wounds and cuts and for then he past away.

What was sir Martin frobisher famous for?

Sir Martin Frobisher was famous for his exploration and mapmaking. he discovered Labrador, but he sailed more north, reaching frobisher bay and baffin island. or... Sir Martin Frobisher, a famous explorer from Altofts, Yorkshire, England, was famous for his attempts to discover a Northwest passage and his voyages to Labrador and Greenland. Martin Frobisher was also famous for landing on Northeastern Canada. He also famous for his mapmaking. Frobisher received a gunshot wound from Fort Crozon a Spanish-held fortress. Sir Martin Frobisher died days later due to poor medical treatment on November 15, 1594.

Why is Martin frobisher important?

martin frobisher was important because he found new land for Queen Elizebeth so just knowing the queen makes you important he was also known as Sir Martin Frobisher