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Q: What country did alcatel originate from?
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What are some phone that Alcatel offers?

Alcatel offers a range of mobiles phones, some of them are, Alcatel OT-665, Alcatel OT-818D, Alcatel OT-296, Alcatel OT-282, Alcatel OT-208 and Alcatel OT-296.

What has the author Alcatel written?

Alcatel. has written: 'Alcatel telecommunications review'

What is Alcatel?

Alcatel is a telecommunications manufacturer

Is Alcatel European?

Alcatel is a European company

In which country did the bellini cocktail originate from?

In which country did the Bellini originate?

When did alcatel phone come out?

when did the alcatel phones come out

In which country did zero originate?

what country did the zero symbol originate from?

What is Alcatel-Lucent's population?

Alcatel-Lucent's population is 2,010.

Does an alcatel ot708 have bluetooth?

OFC it does :D i have an Alcatel OT808a :P

What country do German people originate from?

They originate from Germany.

When was Alcatel Vacuum Technology created?

Alcatel Vacuum Technology was created in 1952.

When was Alcatel Mobile Phones created?

Alcatel Mobile Phones was created in 2004.