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Q: What country has been independent for over 200 years?
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What middle american country has been independent for over 200 years?

Haiti has been independent for 208 years.

Which middle american country has been independent for over 200 years?


What African nation has been independent for over 2000 years?

The African nation that's has been independent is the Ethiopia

How many years has Armenia been a country?

over 2000 years

What day did Monaco gain its independence?

Monaco has been independent for over 600 years.

Why is Britain becoming more independent significant?

Britain has been independent, politically, for over 300 years. It is not becoming more so

What happened when Ethiopia was taken over?

Ethiopia have never been taken it is one of the two African independent country

How long has Afghanistan been a country?

Afghanistan has been a country for over 200 years, since it gained independence from the British Empire in 1919.

Why doesn't the US belong to Britain?

The US is an independent country. It has been for over 200 years. It fought for its independence, just as any county would have done. No country wants to belong to another country, so the US fought for independence and got it. Since then it has developed and enlarged.

Which country does rhubarb originate?

Rhubarb has been known in China for over 2700 years

What are the characteristics of an independent country?

An independent country has full sovereignty over its territory, with the ability to make its own laws, manage its own affairs, and engage in diplomatic relations with other countries. It operates with a government that is recognized internationally and has control over its own military, economy, and foreign policy.

Does England have any control over France?

No. France is an independent country.