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Q: What country has changed its name most often?
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What country changed their name in 1935?

this country is Iran. it was originally pursia

Who changed the name of a country to Iran?

Shah Reza Pahlavi.

What is the most common Japanese name?

The most common Japanese name is "Sato" (佐藤) which is often used as a surname.

Are Tanganyika and Tanzania the same country?

Yes, the name was changed in 1964.

Is alexus the most popular name in the country?

no it is the 3rd most popular name in the country

What country has changed it name within the past fifty years?

The country of russia has change its name in the past fifty years, it was origionally the ussr.

Why did Thailand change it's name?

Siam changed its name to Thailand because they want to modernise the country's name.

What country was pursia changed to?

Persia was changed to Iran. The name change occurred in 1935.

Which country completely changed its name after world war1?

Mesopotamia - now Iraq.

What was the names of the country?

Guyana was a country that was more formally known as British Guiana. Its name was changed officially in 1966. The capital of this country is Georgetown.

Which country changed its official name national anthem and national flag in 2010?


Which country completely changed its name after world war 1?

Ceylon. Became Taiwan.