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The Second World War begun when Germany invaded Poland. So Germany is responsible for starting the war.

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Q: What country is considered responsible for World War 2?
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What country was responsible for the start of World War 1?


What country was held responsible for ww1 and World War 2?


What country was primarily responsible for causing the US to enter the war?

World War 2 : Japan.

What country was considered a superpower after world war 2?


What country was responsible for the murder of over six million Jews in World War 2?


Which country was considered the most powerful at the end of World War 1?


Which country was responsible for the attack on Darwin?

Darwin Australia - that would be Japan during the second world war.

Who is responsible for declare war?

Usually, the government of the country is responsible for declaring war. In the United States of America, the Department of Defense is responsible for declaring wars.

What country was not considered a winner in World War 1 because it had a revolution?

Russia because of the Russian Revolution.

Is Ukraine considered a third world country?

No, Ukraine is not considered a third world country. The term "third world" was historically used to refer to countries that were not aligned with NATO or the Communist bloc during the Cold War. Ukraine is categorized as a "developing country" or an "emerging economy" in modern terms.

Which country has World War 1 and World War 2?

Germany had was the one country that was involved in World War l and World War ll

What country was responsible for the US entering World War 2?

England and the US were allies in WWII against Germany's invasion of Europe and Africa.