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That lettering is on coins from China.

China - People's Republic - Yuan renminbi (1949-date)

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Q: What country is yi yuan money from?
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How is a 2005 yi yuan worth?

whats a one dollar Yi Yuan converted into US money

What country is a yi yuan coin from?


What has the author Yuan Yi written?

Yuan Yi has written: 'Chi xin wei ni cuo le ma'

What are the ratings and certificates for Wo Yuan Yi - 2012?

Wo Yuan Yi - 2012 is rated/received certificates of: Singapore:PG

Where are yi yuan used?

in china

What has the author Ding Yi Shen written?

Ding Yi Shen has written: 'Yi yuan li'

What has the author Yuan Qu written?

Yuan Qu has written: 'Qu Yuan fu san yi, Li sao ='

What is a 100 yi yuan coin worth?


How much is 1 yi yuan?

.1397 cents

What has the author Yuan He written?

Yuan. He has written: 'San min zhu yi shi hua' 'San min zhu yi yu Zhongguo zheng zhi'

Who is Jiang Yi-huah?

Jiang Yi-huah is the President of the Executive Yuan of the Taiwan since 2013 to present.

How much is yi jiao and er jiao?

Hello!! Yi jiao is one of the divisions of Chinese yuan, Yi jiao is like a dime, Er jiao are 2 dimes, and so on and so forth. One Chinese yuan is made up of 10 jiao.