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Q: What country uses papa for grandfather?
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Where did papa roach get their name?

Jacoby's grandfather's name was William Roach and they called him Papa Roach. He died and Jacoby decided to name the band Papa roach after his grandfather.

How do you say grandfather in Twi?

impaa - grandfather imma- grandmother

What is the greek phonetic word for grandfather?


Does papa mean dad or grandfather?

It could be either one.

What do you call your grandfather's grandfather?

He would be your great, great grandfather, but you could call him whatever endearing name you and he prefer -- Granddad, Papa, Grandpa, etc.

Is there an equivalent of nana for grandfather?

"Poppy" is a commonly used equivalent to "nana" for a grandfather. Other options include "Pops," "Papa," or "Granddad."

Where did papa roach get there name?

Jacoby Shaddix's Great Grandfather William Howard Roatch

How do you say grandfather or Papa in Nepali?

Baaje / Hajur-Baa/Buba.

What are some slang names for grandfather?

Some slang names for grandfather include pop, gramps, grandpa, and papa.

What are some various ways of saying grandfather?

* Papa * Pop * Grampa * Grandpa * Granpa * GranPappy * père * abuelo

What is the french word for grand father?

The French word for grandfather is "grand-père."

What continent country calls santa papa neol?

The country that refers to Santa Claus as "Papa Noel" is Mexico, which is located in North America. The term "Papa Noel" translates to "Father Christmas" in English.