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Q: What culture is practiced in Northern Africa?
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What is culture and tradition of Africa?

The culture and traditions of Africa are the practices and rituals practiced by the African natives. Most communities in Africa have various traditions that relate to marriage, births, and funerals among other things.

How has Africa culture influenced world culture?

The peoples of Africa have always lived in a variety of geographic regions, practiced a variety of religions, spoken a variety of languages, and engaged in a variety of artistic and economic endeavors.

How was Aryan culture different from Harappan culture?

Hinduism was practiced in Aryan culture. Brahmanism was practiced in Harappan culture.

Is the Sahara desert in the northern or southern Africa?

The Sahara is in northern Africa.

What was and where in Africa was apartheid practiced?

The whole country of South Africa. It was the national policy.

Where is Northern Africa?

In the northern part of Africa.

What region is most northern in Africa?

Northern Africa

Who practiced racial discrimination?

South Africa

What country was aparthied practiced in?

South Africa

Where is Islam most commonly practiced?

Islam is a dominant religion mostly in Northern Africa and the Middle East as well as some central Asian countries.

Sahara desert is in northern or southern Africa?

northern Africa

What is the distance form northern Africa to Southern Africa?

It depends by what you mean "northern" Africa and "southern" Africa to be.