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Charlemagne united Europe by fighting off invaders, conquering peoples

and converting them to Christianity.

He also united Europe by blending German, Roman, and christian


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Q: What did Charlemagne do to unify his kingdom?
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How did Charlemagne unify Europe?

He spread education and religion through his kingdom

What is the name of treaty that divided Charlemagne's kingdom?

Charlemagne's kingdom was divided by the Treaty of Verdun.

How did Charlemagne unify Western Europe?

he spread education and religion throughout the eastern area! duhh

What happened after the death of Charlemagne?

Charlemagne’s sons fought for power and weakened the kingdom

What steps did Charlemagne take to improve government and unify his empire?

In 772 he launched a 30-year military campaign to bring order to the empire. Charlemagne restored much of the unity.

Charlemagne's kingdom was divided by the Treaty?

The treaty that divided Charlemagne's empire was the Treaty of Verdun.

How did Charlemagne strengthen his kingdom?

Charlemagne Expands his Kingdom One in power, Charlemagne sought to unite all the Germanic peoples into one kingdom, and convert his subjects to Christianity. In order to carry out this mission, he spent the majority of his reign engaged in military campaigns.

How was the kingdom split up among Charlemagne and his brothers after their father's death?

On the death of Pepin the kingdom was divided between Charlemagne and his brother Carloman (Carloman ruled Austrasia). Carloman died on December 5, 771, leaving Charlemagne the leader of a reunified Frankish kingdom. Charlemagne was engaged in almost constant battle throughout his reign.

Pope leo III proclaimed Charlemagne to be emperor of the romans because Charlemagne had?

Converted his kingdom to Christianity.

Did moses unify the people of Canaan into one kingdom that is Israel?

No, he did not

Who united the Franks into one kingdom in 511?


Who was the strongest kingdom in Europe ruled by in 800 AD?