What did sargon rule?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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he ruled mcdonald! You're not funny. Get a life. Come back when you finish elementary school.

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Sargon the great became famous for building the first ever empire. He was the best man and was the royal king

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Sargon was the first Akkadian king.

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Q: What did sargon rule?
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How did king sargon rule his people?

what he did was he thretend them i think

Who was the first king to rule the Akkadian empire?

Sargon the great

How long did Sargon rule Mesopotamia?

For as Long as a piece of string.

How did cuneiform help sargon create and rule an empire in mesopotamia?

Sargon could send instructions and govern over great distances.

Why is Sargon of Akkad known as Sargon the great?

Sargon of Akkad was the King of Akkad and the first person to rule over multiple city-states simultaneously, i.e. the first empire.

Who developed Babylon?

An internet search suggests that Sargon of Akkadfounded the city, although some sources indicate it was founded prior to Sargon's rule.

How did cuneiform help Sargon to create and rule an empire in Mesopotamia?

Sargon could send instructions and govern over great distances by using cuneiform.

How many years did king Sargon rule ancient Mesopotamia?

Who noss?? I no!! 23 years

How did the cuneiform help sargon to create and rule an empire in mesopotamia?

Cuneiform writing enabled Sargon to communicate his orders efficiently across his empire, facilitating governance and control over distant regions. It was crucial for record-keeping, administration, and communication with various parts of the growing empire, allowing for the efficient management of resources, tribute collection, and coordination of military campaigns. This helped Sargon establish a centralized authority, enforce laws, and solidify his rule over the diverse peoples of Mesopotamia.

What was the empire of akkadian ruler o sargon was said to strecth from the sunrise to sunset what did the mean he rule?


What happened to Sumer under Sargon rule?

He Created the first world empire & he extended this empire to include all Mesopotamia

What people ruled the Fertile Crescent?

the people who rule the fertile crescent were the Chaideans