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women worked in the places of where men used to work like in farming ,stoking the fire and so on . old children helped their siblings like looking after the baby and stuff

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Q: What did women and children do during world war 1 in England?
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What did the women wear in New England?

women started to wear trousers during world war II

Who stay at home during World War 2?

Women and children.

What was a major success during World War II?

Evacuation of children in England.

What happened to children in England during World War 2?

Evacuated to the countryside

Who were the new workers in factories during World War 1?

Women AND Children

Where were children evacuated in WW1?

In England during World War I and World War II, children were evacuated to the country. They were moved out of the cities for their safety.

What type of clothing did children in England wear during world war 2?


What kind of Clothes did children age 7 wear during world war 2 in England?


What did woman do during World War 1 in America?

Women in America during World War 1 worked as nurses and other medical helpers. These women also stayed home and took care of children and taught in schools.

What did some women do during the world war 1?

they looked after young children in safe houses away from battlefields.

What female German artist work depicted the suffering of women and children during World War 1?


What was the role of women in Britain during the world war 2?

Women in ww2 had the job of doing the men who had gone to war's jobs. If women were pregnant they would be evacuated with other children.