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Q: What does squander the world's plenty mean?
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What part of speech is squander?

Squander is a verb.

What is a sentence using the word squander?

You should never squander your money. He had a big inheritance but decided to squander it by gambling with it.

What is a similar word for squnder?

Waste, misuse, spend, use up, or blow. Those words mean squander.

What is an antonym of scrimp?

to squander

What meaning of squandered?

of Squander

What does squander?

to spend wastefully

What does conserving mean?

to save from waste,loss to preserve It means that you should take only what you need. You should not waste or squander.

Worlds that mean to be an American?

"worlds" or "words?

What rhymes with the word wander?


What is another word for squander?

be peofuse in / waste

How would you put squander in a sentence?

Don't squander your life away, use it wisely. -- present tenseTom squandered all his inheritance on cars. -- past tense

What does shaggin a plenty mean?

It means plenty of shaggin.