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Q: What does the word feudal superior mean?
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What is Meaning of feudalism?

The feudal system; a system by which the holding of estates in land is made dependent upon an obligation to render military service to the kind or feudal superior; feudal principles and usages.

What is another word for a feudal thrall?

A serf or a vassal would be another word for a feudal thrall.

what does the word Excel meanย ?

to be superior in somerespect or area; to doextremely well

What is the German word for superior?


What word does prior mean?

before The Etymology is this- ; prior (n.) : "superior officer of a religious house or order," 1093, from L. prior "former,superior"

What does the word 'yuusha' mean when translated from Japanese to English?

The word yuusha means superior individual or heroor brave man.

What does the word senor mean in english?

The Spanish word senor may have different meanings in English such as the following; older, senate, senile, man, matured, and may also mean lord in a feudal lord.

What does this scramble word make- deflau?


What does liege mean?

A liege is a feudal lord or monarch to whom allegiance and loyalty are owed by vassals or subjects. It can also refer to a superior to whom one owes loyalty or service.

Who was in complete control under the feudal system?

A lack of true central power weakened and doomed the Rus' to outside ... Lacking a feudal system of vassal loyalty made it impossible for any prince, .... In theory, this meant that the land was held under The Crown as ultimate feudal superior.

What does the word de luxe mean?

Particularly elegant, luxurious, or elaborate for its kind; of superior quality or refinement.