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Germany's economic problems were vast. Not only was her resources depleted after four years of war, but the reparations demanded from the victors through the Versailles treaty made certain that she would have a very hard time recovering. When the great depression hit in 1929, Germany was already in trouble, and things worsened rapidly. Through the financial creativity of Hjalmar Schacht ( and huge public expenditure, especially on Autobahns, spurred by Hitler, Germany soon began recovering - much quicker than most other countries, resulting in many looking towards Germany for inspiration. Germany's recovery was, however, mostly based on finaicial bluffs, and sooner or later, this would be discovered. The annexation of Austria and Czechoslovakia and their reserves helped to alleviate the pressure on German economy. Soon afterwards war began and the international credits became redundant.

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Q: What economic problem between World War 1 and World War 2 did Germany have?
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there population

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