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The Ottoman Empire

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Q: What empire did not exist after World War 1?
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What are some countries that no longer exist after World War 1?

austro hungarian empire

What are the old countries that existed in World War 1?

The Austrian-Hungarian Empire and The Ottoman Empire are two of them that no longer exist.

Who ruled Poland during World War 1?

The nation of Poland did not actually exist during World War I. It was part of the Austria-Hungarian Empire of which Germany was a part.

What is the official name of the Turkish empire before world war 1 World War 1?

Ottoman Empire

In World War 1 who was America in war with?

The German Empire, and the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Who were Englands enemies in World War 1?

World War 1 began in the year 1914. England's enemies in the war was the German Empire as well as the Ottoman Empire.

When did the Ottoman Empire establish a government?

The Ottoman Empire (or Turkish Empire) was established in 1299 AD and was fatally weakened by World War 1 so that it ceased to exist on 1 November 1922 or 24 July 1923, depending on how you look at such things.

One empire that ended after world war 1?

The Austrian Empire

Who dropped out of world war 1 first?

The Russian Empire dropped out of World War 1 first. This was due to internal wrangles over the direction the empire was supposed to take in the war.

What similarities exist between war world 1 and war world 2?

They were both wars

What war created the modern states of Europe?

1 world war that finish german empire and otoman empire

Who was the only empire to survive World War 1?