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Adolf Hitler baby

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Q: What future world leader got his start as a result of Germany's misery following world war i?
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Who said the white man's happiness cannot be purchased by the black man's misery?

I'm not sure but i think it was Malcom X or J.F Kenedy... one of them but i believe its Malcom.

Who was the aristocrat who pitied the poor?

The aristocrat who was affected by the misery of poor people was Gautama Buddha. Buddhism was founded on the teachings of this man. Buddha means 'the enlightened one. '

Why did Bolshevik leaders in Russia seek peace with Germany in 1917?

In 1917, the revolution transferred their support of Alexander Kerensky to Valdimir Lenin. The Russian people despised the war that the tsar had gotten them into because it created starvation and misery. Thus, Lenin promised to the end the war with Germany, so when he came into power, the first thing he did was sign an armistice that released thousands of Germany troops from Russia.

What happened during the middle passage?

The "Middle Passage" refers to the trade routes from West Africa to the Caribbean, South America, and the southern United States that ships took to transport Africans as slaves for sale away from their homes. The Middle Passage is one of the most brutal and disgusting stories in human misery caused by other humans: Africans were often chained aboard the ships and underfed or not fed, forced to lie tightly in bunks in their own excrement, without the benefit of sun or water, for the four to eight weeks of the journey. Over half of the people who were moved in ships this way died. The Middle Passage in many ways exceeds and is at least comparable the abuses that are well-known from the Holocaust of the 20th century.the ships were often followed by sharks because of the females mestrual cycles.The slaves would know this and they would jump of the ship as there last resulotion(suicide).

What was the typical Victorian workhouse uniform?

The Workhouse Uniform

The women wore shapeless, waist less dresses reaching their ankles, with a pattern of broad, vertical stripes in a rather washed out blue on an off-white background. Beneath such exterior garments, at least during the 19th Century, the women wore under-draws, a shift and long stockings, with a poke bonnet on their heads. 
The men wore shirts of a similar pattern, and ill-fitting trousers, tied with cord below the knee. The men wore thick vests; woolen draws and socks, with a neckerchief around their throats, and, in cold weather, a coarse jacket. 

The children's outfits have been described as a singularly ugly and disfiguring uniform, too often adopted, that brought real misery to the wearers, besides being hated as a badge of pauperism...The dress of the pauper girl is usually of stout woolen material, good for winter, but generally worn all the year round. They were too often clumsily cut and badly sewn and the long skirts in which the little was attired (to allow for growth) impeded their movements, adding to their awkward gait, which was made worse by hobnailed boots with iron tips.