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The "Middle Passage" refers to the trade routes from West Africa to the Caribbean, South America, and the southern United States that ships took to transport Africans as slaves for sale away from their homes. The Middle Passage is one of the most brutal and disgusting stories in human misery caused by other humans: Africans were often chained aboard the ships and underfed or not fed, forced to lie tightly in bunks in their own excrement, without the benefit of sun or water, for the four to eight weeks of the journey. Over half of the people who were moved in ships this way died. The Middle Passage in many ways exceeds and is at least comparable the abuses that are well-known from the Holocaust of the 20th century.the ships were often followed by sharks because of the females mestrual cycles.The slaves would know this and they would jump of the ship as there last resulotion(suicide).

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Q: What happened during the middle passage?
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What was the ocean crossed during the middle passage?

The ocean that the middle passage crossed was the atlantic ocean

What ocean crossed during the middle passage?

The ocean that the middle passage crossed was the atlantic ocean

What do middle passage mean?

Middle passage is the sea journey undertaken by slave ships. This happened from West Africa to the West Indies.

What did slaves smell during the middle passage?


How were the slaves contorlled on the middle passage?

They were in chains in the bottom of the ship. Many died during the passage.

What happened to the enslave africans who survived the Middle Passage?

They Would Get Hasher Conditions In The Caribean

The Middle Passage referred to?

The "middle passage" is the transportation of slaves form Africa to the New World. Roughly 20% of the slaves died during the voyage

What effect did the middle passage have on the Africans?

The Middle Passage had devastating effects on Africans, as millions were subjected to brutal conditions during the transatlantic slave trade. Many Africans suffered from malnutrition, disease, and death during the journey. The trauma and brutality of the Middle Passage had long-lasting physical and psychological impacts on the survivors.

Who profited from the middle passage?

Slave traders profited from the Middle Passage. The Middle Passage is one of the most horrific moments in World History and it lined the pockets of the slave traders who captured human beings and sold them like objects.

During the slaves were packed tightly together in ships?

Middle Passage

How did the second middle passage compare to the first middle passage?

there was no second middle passage

Can you use middle passage in a sentence?

During the Atlantic slave trade, millions of Africans were forcibly transported across the middle passage, enduring horrific conditions and mistreatment on the journey to the Americas.