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Q: What happend to the land after world war 1?
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How did World War 1 affect worthing?

What happend to Worthing in WW1

What happend to the territories the Chinese wanted back after world war 1?

After losing the battle to China, Germany betrayed China and gave the land(territories) to Japan.

What happend to people who didnt fight in world war 1?

they got exacuted

Who was the president when the World War 1 happend?

Woodrow Wilson was President of the United States during America's involvement in World War I.

What happend to the tanks in world war 1?

Most were dismantled after the war, when new more advanced designs were created

What events and inventions happened during Gustav holst lifetime?

During Gustav Holst's lifetime (1874-1934), significant events included World War I, the sinking of the RMS Titanic, and the establishment of international organizations like the League of Nations. Inventions that emerged during this time included the radio, the airplane, and the first moving assembly line by Henry Ford.

What were 2 major changes that happend following world war 1?

STock market crash, depression.

Who organized food production to save Europe from starving in World War 1?

nobody it just kind of happend

Why did the Nazis go to war?

To avenge their loss of land from World War 1

What was the economic cause for World War 1?

Economic Causes of World War OneOne Ecinomical cause of WWI is land, everyone WANTED LAND!

Was no mans land patrols in world war 1 effective?

There were no patrols in no mans land...

What happend on July 1 1998?

Civil War