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The Holocaust was one of the worst times in history. People were moved from there homes and was not allowed to talk to anyone and many died of exposure, disease, and starvation.

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Q: What happened during the holocost?
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How many people with Down syndrome were killed during the holocost?


How was the food distributed to the Jews during the holocost?

It was usually distributed in the form of solid copper

When was Escaping the Holocost released?

Escaping the Holocost was released on 12/31/2015.

What was the Production Budget for Escaping the Holocost?

The Production Budget for Escaping the Holocost was $150,000.

Who was the leader of the holocost?

Hitlar lead the the holocost. Google his name and yeah he wasn't such a pretty person

Who was helping Hitler out during the Holocaust?

I not sure if he had a friend or something but the Nazis were his men and they controlled most of thew holocost.

Did the Nazis treat children better or adults during the holocost?

A greater proportion of children than adults were immediately executed.

What is the main tragedy that has happened to the Jewish people in the 20th century?

The time when the Germans tried to remove the Jewish identity from the face of the world through the holocost.

What did Jews eat during the holocost?

during the Holocaust the Jew's ate any food they could afford which in most cases much due to the high prices.

Why should we remember the holocost?

We should remember the Holocost because we do not want it to happen again. It was HORIBLE. When we learn about it, we learn about tolerance and how to tolerate people.

How can god allow thte holocost?

free will.

Were the non Jewish people happy during the Holocaust?

No. The Holocost was a horrible thing. Christians, true Christians understand how important the Jews are to God and that something like that should never happen to any people regardless of their religious beliefs. No one in their right mind could condone what happened.