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he used food and goods to travel.

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Q: What helpful technologies did bartholomew diaz use on his trip around the cape of good hope?
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What countries did Bartholomew Diaz explore?

Bartholomew Diaz Explored The Cape Of Good Hope. He came from France.

What is the cape of good hope's original name?

cape of stroms

What did bartholomew discover?

the cape of good horn

What did Bartholomew Dias find on his voyages?

he found the cape of storms ( the cape of good hope )

What did bartholomew dias accomplish?

he discovered the cape of good hope

Dias rounded Cape of Good Hope?

Yes, Bartholomew Dias did round the Cape of Good Hope.

Did Bartholomew Dias's exploration around the Cape of Good Hope influence the native people?

(Bartholomeu Dias, not Bartholomew Dias)Yes. He originally named it the "Cape of Storms"(Cabo das Tormentas). It was later renamed the "Cape of Good Hope" (Cabo da Boa Esperança) by King John II of Portugal.Internet Source:

First to reach the cape of good hope in 1488?

Bartholomew Diaz

What three artifacts did Bartholomew Dias bring back?

Bartholomew Dias brought back three artifacts from his journey around the Cape of Good Hope in 1488: a piece of a serpent's skin, a strand of feathered crown ornament, and a handful of cowries (shells).

What country did bartholomew diaz explore on?

Cape of Good Hope (southern tip of Africa)

Who were the first explorers to visit Cape Cod?

Bartholomew Gosnold and Giovanni da Verrazzano

Who is bartholumeu diaz?

Bartholomew Dias is a famous explorer who sailed the ocean and found the cape of storms which is later renamed the cape of good hope