What is Byzantine decline?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The Byzantine Decline is depending upon one of there 4 events. ( I don't know which one ) * William the Conqueror converted Christianity. * The Jews were forced by the Romans to leave Judea. * Christians in Western Europe organized the 1st Crusades. * A group of Muslim Seljuk Turks defeated the Byzantine army.

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Q: What is Byzantine decline?
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What was the causes of the decline of the Byzantine empire?

wargreed bankruptcy famine one of these

Did religion play a role in the decline of byzantine?

No, as religion was what kept The Empire going.

Did the byzantine empire decline before od after Islam spead?

The Arab conquest of Byzantine Syria, Phoenicia (Lebanon), Palestine and Egypt contributed the decline of the Byzantine Empire. So did the conquest of much of what is now Turkey by the Seljuk Turks and the conquest of much of the Balkan Peninsula (southeastern Europe) by the Slavs. The Arabs and the Turks were and still are Muslims.

Who do you believe was ultimately responsible for the decline and fall of the Byzantine Empire?

Turks, Arabs and European crusaders

Who conquered the byzantine empire in the 1400s?

The Ottoman Empire, but truthfully due to a series of civil wars and partial defeats by other empires the Byzantine empire had been in decline for centuries prior to their final defeat

Did the Byzantine empire decline before or after Islam spread-?

The Byzantine Empire declined after Islam spread. The words "Islam spread" are nebulous. If the question is referring to the Rise of Islam period, when Mohammed and the Rightly-Guided Caliphs were spreading Islam, then yes, the Byzantine Empire decline after these events. If, however, you are referring to the Seljuk and Ottoman conquests of Anatolia nearly 600 years later which eventually ended the Byzantine Empire, the Empire was in decline long before these armies trampled the Byzantines to the ground. The answer is more complex than the above answers would purport. See the link below for another relevant answer.

What event marked the beginning of the decline of the Byzantine Empire?

The Battle of Manzikert is seen as the beginning of the end of Byzantine control over Asia Minor. After that, the Seljuks continued to expand into Asia Minor.

Why do you think they wanted to compare moscow to rome?

After the decline of Byzantine empire, Moscow's most successor person was ivan III. He ruled most of the byzantine as well as russian territories. He also married the niece of the last emperor of the byzantine empire. he also adapted the culture, religion, and the symbol of the byzantine empire. so, it is called as the third rome or compared as the empire of rome.

Why did the byzntine military grow weaker?

There were several factors that contributed to the decline of the Byzantine military. These included constant wars and conflicts that drained resources, frequent changes in leadership and political instability, the rise of powerful enemies such as the Seljuks and Ottomans, and a decline in the quality of the military education and training system. Additionally, the reliance on foreign mercenaries weakened the effectiveness and cohesion of the Byzantine army.

How are the rise and decline of the Byzantine and Seljuk empires different?

seljuk´s were muslim and byzantines were chrystian but theydid grow and fall in the same part of the world

How feudalism began?

the decline of the major empires, like Roman, Grecian, and Byzantine a contract in which land was granted to the peasants in exchange for military service to the nobles

What role did merchants from Venice Italy play in the decline of the Byzantine Empire?

They competed with the Byzantines in order to trade with Asia. They were successful and ended up gaining positions in the Empire.