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Q: What is John White reason for exploration?
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Who set up a center for exploration in the 1400s?

Christopher Columbus

What was the reason of Jacques marquette for exploring?

what were jacques marquette reason for exploration

Marco Polo's reason for exploration?


What are 3 reason for exploration?

The three reasons for exploration were to get money, become famous, and spread Christianity.

What was not a reason for exploration into the new world?

exploration in the world wa for people to figure out what they had left in life

Did Edward John Eyre have a party to go with him on his exploration?

Yes, Edward John Eyre did have a party accompanying him on his exploration expeditions.

What is Henry Hudson's reason for his exploration?

His reasons for exploration was, he was intent on finding the North-West passage to Asia

Giovanni what was the reason for the exploration?

to find riches and gold

Leif Erikson's reason for exploration?

Fame and fortune.

What is the reason for kalpana chawla exploration?

kalpana chawla

How did John Cabot's exploration conclude?


What exploration did john Cabot do in 1497?

A Newfoundland