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exploration in the world wa for people to figure out what they had left in life

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Q: What was not a reason for exploration into the new world?
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Which two countries led the exploration of New World?

Spain and Portugal led the exploration of the New World

What was the reason European wanted to move to a new world?

resource development overcrowding increase power and sovereignty knowledge and scientific exploration

There was no reason for the European exploration of the world?

Some people believe that there were good reason for the European exploration if the world. Some people thought it was a good thing. All people have their own opinion.

Marco Polo's main reason for exploration was to?

find a new trade route

What was cabeza de vaca's reason for exploration?

Cabeza de Vaca's reason for exploration was primarily to find wealth and fortune in the New World. He hoped to discover new lands, resources, and opportunities for trade and conquest. Additionally, he sought to gain personal glory and potentially earn a high position within the Spanish Empire.

What is the leading nation in exploration of the new world?


What was Francisco Pizarro's Reason for exploration?

Francisco Pizarro's primary reason for exploration was to seek wealth and resources in the New World, particularly the legendary riches of the Inca Empire in South America. He aimed to conquer territory, establish settlements, and exploit indigenous people for their labor and treasures.

What was the main reason for European exploration?

The main reason for European exploration was to find new trade routes to Asia for valuable spices and goods. Additionally, explorers sought to spread Christianity, claim new territories for their country, and acquire wealth and power.

What were there factors that encouraged world exploration?

a search for new equipment

What was the reason for Marco Polo's exploration?

Because he wanted to conquest,but to try to find a new market.

What is the three benefit in the exploration in the new world?

Exploration in the new world led to the discovery of new resources such as gold, silver, and spices which enriched European countries. It also opened up new trade routes and markets, boosting economic growth and promoting cultural exchange. Additionally, exploration contributed to the expansion of knowledge about the world and advancements in navigation and technology.

What effects did the age of exploration have on the world?

The Age of Exploration introduced New World crops to the Old World and vice versa. It led to European countries establishing colonies in the Americas.