What is empereur au feminin?

Updated: 9/26/2023
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Q: What is empereur au feminin?
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What is the feminin french word for empereur?

une impératrice

C'est quoi attentif au feminin?


What is sanglier au feminin?

Ki ggt nnr mem pas ggn ladns 😑💔

What has the author Julien Eymard written?

Julien Eymard has written: 'Ophelie: Ou, Le narcissisme au feminin'

When was Jean-Yves Empereur born?

Jean-Yves Empereur was born in 1952.

When do you use a la for je vais sentences and au ex. je vais au cinema?

You use "à la" for feminin nouns, and "au" for masculin nouns. "Au" means "à le", except that "à le" is not correct French, and I've never heard a single person say it. You would use "aux" for plural nouns, regardless of the gender of the noun(s). Example: Je vais à la banque. (La banque is feminin singular) Tu vas au lycée. (Le lycée is masculin singular) Elles vont aux magasins. (Les magasins is masculin plural) On va aux banques. (Les banques is feminin plural)

What is emperor in French?


How do you say emperor in french?


Is fleur masculine or feminine?


How do you say the word A in french?

A as in the letter A is said (ah) "A" as (a pie) is said in three different ways a la (feminin), au (masculin), but also aux -french expert.

What has the author James L Empereur written?

James L. Empereur has written: 'The enneagram and spiritual direction' -- subject(s): Enneagram, Spiritual direction

What are the release dates for Patouillard empereur du Sahara - 1912?

Patouillard empereur du Sahara - 1912 was released on: USA: 12 January 1912