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Q: What is the fist country that set up the first merchant company?
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What country first golf play?

Golf was fist played in Scotland.

Who was the fist African country to host the world cup?

South Africa will be the first country to hoist the world cup.

First country and the last country to walk the opening parade in the Olympics?

The fist country to enter the arena will always be Greece because this is where the Olympics originated, the last one is the hosting country.

What was the first country to light the olympic flame?

Athens In Greecethe fist city to light the Olympic flame was ancient Greece

Which company made fist cell phone in world?


What country won the fist world cup?


What country won the fist soccer world cup?


When did ford car company fist start?

The Ford Motor Company came into being on June 16, 1903

Who and when was the fist aid kit invented?

Technically it was the Johnson and Johnson company in 1890. They called it the Johnson and Johnson's First Aid Cabinet. Back then, it only contained the bare essentials of a first aid kit.

Where did mdma fist develop?

Alexander shulgin a scientist for a chem company in 1913

What is da vinci's fist name?

Leonardo is Da Vinci's first name.Also there is nothing such as a fist name.

What was the first weopon known to man?

The Fist