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The taking of slaves from the African continent for a period of about 200 years.

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Q: What is the largest forced migration of human beings in history?
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In the context of migration when a military force systematically removes people from their home its called?

forced migration.

Which explains how the people of the african diaspora were connected?

a history of forced migration and economic explotation

What has the author Ortfried Kotzian written?

Ortfried Kotzian has written: 'Die Umsiedler' -- subject(s): History, Ethnic relations, Forced migration, Return migration, Germans

What is the difference between forced migration and voluntary migration?

Forced migration is when people are told to move and voluntary is movement upon self-interest.

What is counter migration?

Counter migration- migration in the opposite direction. Counter Migration - forced migration of immigrants to return to their country of origion

Is migration always a choice or can it be forced?

Migration is usually a choice but can be forced on people or animals if their current habitat has been destroyed and the move is out of necessity.

The slave trade can be classified as what kind of migration?

The slave trade can be classified as forced migration, where individuals were forcibly removed from their homes and transported to new regions against their will to be used as labor.

In the context of migration when a military force systematically removes people from their home?

Forced migration

Natural disasters and religious persecution are two examples of what factor in migration?

Forced migration.

What were the reasons for forced migration in Sudan?

they didnt like it

The Trail of Tears is a historically important?

forced migration

What has the author Michael Battista written?

Michael Battista has written: 'The law of forced migration' -- subject(s): Refugees, Legal status, laws, Cases, Forced migration