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Q: What is the name of the treaty joining the nations together at a common cause?
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What did the Treaty of Versailles and the Fourteen Points have in common?

the league of nations

Why did so many Americans objects to Wilson's call for us membership in the league of nations?

Most Americans thought the Treaty of Versailles was too harsh and so disagreed with signing it. Joining the League of Nations was one of the agreements in the treaty of Versailles.

What is a formal agreement between two or more nations to work together in war or commerce?

A Treaty.

How has scientific research considered in the antarctic treaty?

All scientific research conducted by anyone under the Antarctica Treaty is considered common property -- belonging to all nations that subscribed to the treaty.

What happened when President Wilson presented the treaty to the US senate?

the senate would not sign the treaty due to the fact the u.s. would have to join the league of nations (before UN) Joining the league of nations could involve the U.S. in European affairs. The U.S. would become isolationists till WW2

What do you call an agreement between nations?

When an agreement is formed between two nations the mort popular term is Treaty.

Why did so many Americans oppose Treaty of Versailles?

Because the provision of joining a League of Nations meant an end to America's pre-war isolationism and an ongoing era of global involvement.

What treaty was replaced by the UN?

The United Nations replaced The League of Nations formed under the Treaty of Versailles

Is treaties a concept?

a treaty is an agreement between two or more nations.

What treaty was signed in 1959 by 12 nations?

iT WAS tHe Antarctic treaty!

What nations signed the Treaty of Tordesillas?

the europeans signed the treaty of Tordesilllas.

What treaty laid the foundation for the nations of France and Germany?

Treaty of Verdum