What is the population of German?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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There are slightly more than 82 million Germans--or at least, residents of Germany--at this point.

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There are slightly more than 82 million Germans--or at least, residents of Germany--at this point.

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Q: What is the population of German?
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Area of Czechoslovakia with a large ethnic German population?

The areas close to the borders with Germany and Austria had a large German speaking population and were referred to as the Sudetenland. In addition, there were significant ethnic German populations in all the main Czech cities.

What was the attitude to the Germans in ww1?

The Germans were the target of a concerted effort to create hatred (called dehumanization) among the population of the Allied countries. This was so successful that immigrants of German decent claimed to be from invaded countries in the years after WWI. The propaganda campaign later resulted in sanctions that indirectly lead to WWII In contrast the German civilian population was caught between the Communist Soviet Union and the west after WWII causing them to be viewed as oppressed and in need of rescuing.

Why did Germany collapse in World War 1?

Germany did not collapse in the First World War. Germany asked for an armistice as soon as it was clear to a few key German leaders that they would lose the war. This happened before the German population and many in the military knew that they were losing. The swing from victory to defeat was relatively quick (July-November 1918). The German leaders prevented a collapse and damage to Germany itself by ending the war quickly. Unfortunately the German leaders never explained this information to the German people, which lead to the post-war myth spread by Adolf Hitler & others that Germany was not defeated but betrayed.

What Country Contributed Most To The World?

Most British nationalist will tell you Britain. They'll also post false information to a fake Japanese study claiming 50% of the worlds inventions are British. This Japanese study doesn't actualy exist & the numbers keep changing. First it was 50% then i saw someone say 54%. At any rate the real answer is Germany. No other country in this modern age has contributed as much to Music, Chemistry, Science, Medicine, Warfare, Nuclear Energy, Math, or Literature as Germany. The greatest composers of all time are all German Bach, Beethoven, Mozart. Germans dominated classical music. The Automobile invented by a German. The Motorcycle invented by a German. The Nuke invented by a German. NASA established and built by Germans. The worlds first functional and programmable computer Z1, A German. The First commercial Computer the Z4, German. The Television wouldn't be what it is now if not for a German. CRT. Nuclear Fission, A German. The X-ray, A German. Aspirin, A German. First pregnancy test, German. Mercury Theomometer, German. Discovery that diseases were caused by bacteria, A German. Gramaphone, A German. Healing Methods with Pulse magnetic fields, A German. Gas Motor, German. The First practical Helicopter, German. Airbags, German. V2 Rockets, German It was possible to put a man on the moon because of, Germans. First flying wing fighter/bomber, German. Printing Press, German. Diesel Engines, German. Syphilis treatment, German. Cathode ray tube (instrumental to Televisions), German. Discovery of Vacuum Physics, German. Demonstrating electrostatic repulsion, German. Manometer, German. First electrostatic generator, German. The unit of frequency of a radio wave, German. First electromechanical television system, German. Electron Microscope, German. First Electric Elevator (Modern Elevator), German. Bunsen burner, German. Refractometer, German. Quatum Physics/Quatum Theory, German. First video game console, German. Discovered the diphtheria antitoxin (The first cure for a disease EVER), German. Haber-Bosch process, German. Set Theory, German. Bicycle, German. Doppler Effect, German. Discovery of the dark absorption lines, German. First light bulb, German. Synthetic ammonia and Chemical warfare, German. Nerve Gas, German. Radioactivity and Radiochemistry, German. Discovery of Cosmic Rays, German. The REAL First Radar, German. Linguistic relativity, German. Kessler syndrome, German. Discovery of Uranium, German. The principles of Spectrum analysis, German. Father of Aviation and first successful aviator, German. Mach number, German. And thats not even half of the list. They made tremendous achievements in the chemistry, science, literature, and technolgical fields. German filmakers even made early Hollywood & shaped it to what it would become in the future as the German film industry was ahead of Americas at the time. By all means Germany more than any other nation besides England has single handedly invented the modern world. Some people who still have an anti german sentiment try to deny their contributions.

What effects did World War 1 had on Germany?

Germany was required to pay reparations to the other countries. This was a large amount of money and the German government didn't have the means so the enforced taxes on the population of Germany. The value of the German Mark went down, prices went up and many people were out of work. Also in the treaty was the stipulation that Germany couldn't have a military force or arms.

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What is the population of German Finance Agency?

The population of German Finance Agency is 2,010.

What is German Investment Corporation's population?

The population of German Investment Corporation is 412.

What is the population of Neunkirchen German district?

Neunkirchen - German district -'s population is 148,069.

How much of the German population speaks German?

Nearly all of the German population speaks German, as it is the official language of the country. Minorities may speak other languages, but German is the primary language spoken by the majority of the population.

When was German Foundation for World Population created?

German Foundation for World Population was created in 1991.

What is German National Tourist Board's population?

German National Tourist Board's population is 2,007.

What is the population of German National Tourist Board?

The German National Tourist Board is not a physical entity with a population. It is an organization responsible for promoting tourism in Germany.

What the population for German?

82 million people.

What was the German population in US in 1776?


What does Einwohnerzahl mean in German?

Einwohnerzahl can be translated as: population population figure number of inhabitants

What is the world population of the German Shepherd dog?


What was the 1989 German population?

Approx. 1.6 million