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Q: What language did the invasion of 55 BC bring to England?
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Who was the first army to invade England?

The first invasion of Britain by a force that looked like an army as we understand it would have been the Roman force under Julius Caesar in 55 BC

When did the Romans invade England?

The first time the Romans invaded England was in 55 BC and then again in 54 BC. under Julius Caesar. Britain was annexed as a province after the great "invasion" by Claudius in 43 AD. However in those almost one hundred years between the first invasion and Claudius there had been contact with the Brits, treaties had been made and trade established. Claudius came in as a "showpiece" conqueror, as the place had already been made secure for him by the future emperor Vespasian and his Second Augusta Legion. So it is next to impossible to pinpoint a date for the Roman takeover of Britain. The date that is generally accepted for the Roman invasion is 43 AD when Britain officially became a province.

What kinds of events caused important changes in the early English language?

When Julius Caesar invaded Britain in 55 BCE English did not exist. The Celts spoke languages such as Welsh, Gaelic and Breton. West Germanic tribes such as the Angles, Saxons, Jutes, came across the North Sea and settled in Britain they brought with them their languages. Another influence on the development of English was the arrival of Christianity. The Anglo - Saxon language was enriched with Greek and Latin words. Then the Vikings came from Scandinavia to plunder and conquest they brought with them their vocabulary too. When the Normans, from Normandy, came to Britain they brought French to Britain. But French did not displace English and over 3 centuries English gradually gained dominance but had about 10,000 borrowed French words. With the development of printing came a communications revolution and thousand of Greek and Latin words came into the English vocabulary

How many years passed between the first and second circumnavigation around the world?

55 years

How did Eddie Mabo die?

Eddie Mabo campaigned for Indigenous land rights. He was involved in a landmark case which overturned the long held view that Australia was empty when Europeans arrived called terra nullius and awarded Aboriginals right to the land, this was called native title.

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When did the Romans bring Christianity to England?

the Romans brought Christianity to England in in the great invasion of 55 AD.

Who was the first army to invade England?

The first invasion of Britain by a force that looked like an army as we understand it would have been the Roman force under Julius Caesar in 55 BC

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Who occupied England in 55 BC?

The Romans.

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When did Julius Caesar first arrive in Britain?

That was in year 55 BC. Find the details in the recommended web site.Hope this helps!Nah it don't mate that is WHAT YEAR DID HE INVADE BRITAN look at question properly okay To be more specific it was August 26, 55 BC.Caesar invaded Britain twice, once in Autumn of 55 BC and once in the summer of 54 BC. They were intended as Roman demonstrations of power to scare off tribesman in Brittany from aiding rebellious Celtic tribes on the channel coast.From: Bringmann, Klaus. A History of the Roman Republic.trans. W.J. Smyth. Malden: Polity Press, 2007.

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