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Q: What one of these is not related to the powder keg of Europe?
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How can you use the powder keg on majoras mask?

You get a Powder Keg from the Goron elder after you defeat the Snowhead Temple, and he will give you a test Powder Keg to use on the Rock blocking the Goron Races. after you do that you are aloud to buy Powder Kegs in the Bomb Shop for 50 Rupees only as a Goron.

What was the Power Keg?

A "powder keg" was a large amount of explosives. The term is often used often used to describe a dangerous situation, one that can explode causing some kind of extreme harm.

Where in clock town is the powered keg in legend of Zelda majoras mask?

A Powder Keg is a weapon only available to LINK in his GORON form. In order to obtain the Powder Keg, one must go through a test by Medigoron to blow up the boulder in front of the Goron Race. After getting it, it is possible to blow up the boulder in front of Romani Ranch to get Epona. Medigoron sells them at his shop in his shop for 100 Rupees, but they are sold by a Goron in the Bomb Shop for 50. Link may only carry one at a time.

Why might Balkans be called powder keg of Europe?

The Balkans are called the powder keg of Europe because hundreds of wars have happened there, World War 1 started because of it, World War 2 had fighting there, and World War 3 can start because of it over any issue, currently Kosovo. To Russia or the USA, having the Balkans under American or Russian control is more important to them than millions of people getting killed in a civil war in Africa, and reasons for this I don't really know. I think it's because of it's very high strategic value, which I don't understand since I'm not a military expert. But most of the time, if some nation invades another or something else big happens there, the world always responds. In simple terms, the Balkans is one of the most dangerous regions in the world, and the most dangerous one in Europe at the moment.

Why were the Balkans dangerous?

"because of the nationalistic spirit that was causing revolts and rebellion in that area prior to World War I. It was where "the Great War," World War I, began with the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand."

How many pitchers in a keg?

1 pitcher of beer = 60 fluid ounces & 1 keg = 1984 fluid ounces..............which would tell us that there is 33.07 pitchers of beer in one keg.

Where might one find the menu for The Keg Restaurant?

There are a few ways that someone can find the menu for The Keg restaurant. One can go to their website online and view it there or one can also go to the restaurant and get one there.

How did the powder keg of Europe help to start world war 1?

The Balkan Peninsula, the so-called Powder Keg of Europe, was full of a mix of ethnicities, most of which didn't have their own country and had been or were still under the control of one of two powerful empires in the area, The Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman Empires. Conflict was abundant in the region because of it. One major conflict during the months before the 1914 outbreak of World War I was between Serbia, a country of Slavs, and the Austro-Hungarian Empire over Bosnia. Serbia wanted it to create a Slavic empire. Austria-Hungary wanted it for the additional land. Austria-Hungary was the one to annex the territory. When the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, Archduke Ferdinand, went to Sarejevo, the Bosnian capital, Serbian nationalists assassinated him to send their message. The killing and the Austrian ultimatum which followed was the final straw that ended a century of uneasy peace and began the first world war.

Was the description of the Balkans as the powder keg of Europe justfied?

Yes. Presumably referring to the era immediately before WWI, the Balkans was a very turbulent era with a lot of different groups/ethnicities and countries all attempting to achieve their goals - often by violence. Although this was bad enough, all of the major powers had conflicting alliance systems linking them to various Balkan states. This meant that, in the case of war, or intervention by one of those states, all Europe would be drawn into war.

Why were the Balkans considered the power keg of Europe?

Prior to and following the outbreak of the First World War, the Balkans were considered to be the "powder keg of Europe." This is due to the overlapping alliances of the strongest nations and the volatility in that particular region. One significant action could, and, with the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, did, ignite a world war.

How many cups of beer in a one sixth keg?


Who created black powder?

The creation of flashing powder or black powder as it is now known is not credited to any one person, but rather a region and time period. I have posted a link to an article in the related links section with a broader explanation.