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Q: What part of Europe did Charlemagne rule?
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When did Charlemagne Rule Part of Europe?

345 - 678 AD

What areas did Charlemagne rule?

he ruled Europe

What part of Europe did Charlemagne's kingdom control?

Western Europe.

Europe came under the rule of one emperor when was crowned emperor?

In 800 AD under Charlemagne.

Europe came under the rule of one emperor when was crowned emperor.?


Who was Europe briefly united under the rule of during the fall of rome?

Europe was briefly united by the Carolingian Empire established by Charlemagne.

What did Charlemagne do in Europe?

Charlemagne united most of Western and Central Europe.

What two ideas did Charlemagne use to unite Europe under his rule?

he wanted to strengthen & bring order to his kingdom

Who ruled western Europe between 768 and 814?

Around the year 814 A.D. Charlemagne ruled the Western part of Europe

What country did Charlemagne come from?

When charlemagne was born, there were barley any countries, instead there were little fiefdoms. Western europe before his rule wasn't unified. But my guess is that he comes from a small fiefdom in modern france

How did Charlemagne change Western Europe?

Charlemagne changed Europe by creating order. He did that by joining different countries together.

What important changes happened during Charlemagne's rule?

During Charlemagne's rule, he expanded the Frankish Kingdom into the Carolingian Empire, which became the largest empire in Western Europe since the fall of the Roman Empire. He implemented administrative and legal reforms, promoting education and cultural revival known as the Carolingian Renaissance. Charlemagne's rule also helped reinforce Christianity as a unifying force within his empire.