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Q: What problems did Maria Theresa face when she came to the throne?
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How did Maria Theresa gain her power?

Maria Theresa came to power because she did not have any brothers. If she had she would not have come to power. When her father realized that he would not be having any sons he made sure that he contracted a good marriage for her with her cousin.

What problems did England have when Elizabeth I came to the throne?

she was the first woman

How old was george the fourth when he came to the throne?

George the fourth was 60 when he came to the throne.

What year did chephren come to the throne?

chephren died in 2494 bc.he was pharaoh for 26 that means he came to tye throne in

How old was King Tutankhamun when he was given the throne?

he came to the throne around age 9

What year did Anne come to the throne?

Queen anne came to the throne in 1702-1714

When did the Queen Elizabeth come to the throne?

Elizabeth fir came to the throne in 1942

Why did they call Marie Antoinette Antoine?

Her mother was Maria Theresa and she and all her sisters had the first name Maria. Her name was Maria Antonia. Marie Antoinette was what her name was changed to when she married the dauphin of France, because Marie Antoinette is the French version of Maria Antonia. As a child, she went by Antonia (because she and all her sisters had the same first name), so as a French name, Antoine would be the equivalent of Antonia. That's most likely where is came from.

Who succeeded the Stuart to the throne of great Britain?

The house of Hanover in 1714, when George I came to the throne.

Who came after the Stewards?

In the middle of the Stuart ruling, Oliver Cromwell executed Charles and took over the throne. This was called Commonwealth. Then The stuarts came back on the throne and after that it was the Hanovers.

What did the king do first when he came to the throne?

He sat down.

When did Mary I come to the throne?

Mary I of Scotland (Mary, Queen of Scots) came to the throne on 14 Dec 1542. Mary I of England (Bloody Mary) came to the throne on 19 July 1553.