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Liberty, Equality, Fraternity

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Liberty, equality, fraternity.

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Q: What three words expressed the ideals of the french revolution?
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What were the three effects that helped shape Western civilization?

Christianity, democratic ideals and the Industrial Revolution

What did the third phase of the Revolution created?

There are only three phases of the Revolution. The third phase is the French Revolution.

What were three big problems in France before the revolution?

Problems in France helped to spark a revolution. What were three big problems in France before the revolution?

What was the class system called in the French Revolution?

The Three Estates.

What was the three word moto of the French Revolution in 1789 and 1799?

Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.

What three events shape the views of Saint Simon?

American, French and Industrial revolution

What three events shaped the views of Saint-Simon?

American, French and Industrial revolution

What do the American revolution the french revolution what do the American revolution the french revolution and the glorious revolution different?

I'm assuming you mean how all three are different. The America revolution was to break away from the Mother Country. The French revolution was to force the monarchy out of power so they could have a democratic government. The Glorious Revolution was to keep Catholics off throne of Protestant England because a Catholic heading the Anglican church just wouldn't work.

Which three of the following were motivating ideas for Latin American revolutionary leaders?

The revolutionaries in Latin America were encouraged by the French Revolution and the American Revolution.

Did the French Revolution give people a greater say?

There are several French Revolutions. Assuming that you are referring to French Revolution of 1789, the people as a whole did not really get a much larger say. However, the leadership shifted from being the monarchy and the nobility to a bourgeoisie dictatorship. The French Revolution of 1823 had few tangible results (this is the French Revolution of Les Miserables). The French Revolution of 1848 was successful in creating the Second Republic of France, which was promptly ended three years later by Napoleon III and the creation of the Second French Empire.

What three groups form because of the french revolution?

nobles who belonged to first who b

What three groups made up the 3rd estate before the French Revolution?

The Gays lesbians and the straight