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Q: What two countries did the Zimmerman Telegram propose an alliance between?
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What was the name of the telegram that proposed an alliance between Germany and Mexico?

Zimmerman Telegram

The Zimmerman Note proposed an Alliance between Germany and?


What was the ' zimmerman telegram '?

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What proposed an alliance between Germany and Mexico that Germany would help Mexico conquer the lost territory in new Mexico Texas and Arizona?

The Zimmerman Telegram qualifies as such.It proposed a military and economic alliance to recover part of the lost territories during the Mexican-American War. The telegram however, was intercepted by the British Intelligence and forwarded to the U.S. Government, becoming enough casus belli for the US to enter WWI.

Who proposed an alliance between Mexico and Russia?

Most probably, you are referring to an alliance between Mexico and Germany during WW1. It was Arthur Zimmerman, German ambassador in Mexico. His "Zimmerman note" was intercepted by British intelligence and forwarded to the American government, hastening American entry into WW1.

A telegram sent to a German official in Mexico prior to US entrance into World War 1 proposed an alliance between Germany and Mexico?

The Zimmermann Telegram or Note

What two countries was the Zimmerman note between?

mexico and germany

What changed the relationship between the US and Cuba?

The Cuban missile crisis. Germany sent a telegram to Cuba saying that they will send U-boats to sink USA. ships. Then the Cubans could get the supplies for their missiles with out any interruption from the USA. but this telegram was intercepted by the USA. before it got to Cuba. This telegram was called the Zimmerman telegram.

This contained a suggestion of an alliance between Mexico and Germany that deeply angered the American people?

The Zimmerman note contained a suggestion of an alliance between Mexico and Germany. This note was intercepted and when it was read, it angered the American people.

What is an treaty?

An alliance or agreement between two countries :)

How can you use alliance in a sentence?

for their mutual advantage, an alliance has been arranged between our two countries

What strengthened the alliance between the U.S. and Britain?

The cooperation of the two countries during the World War II strengthened the alliance between Britain and the US. The trading interests of the two countries also helped strengthen their alliance.