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Q: What was George Orwell's view on World War 2?
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What were David Lloyd Georges views on World War 1?

David Lloyd George's view on the World War 1 was that it had to be fought. He is often credited for winning the war. He was the Prime Minister during the WW1.

George Washingtons view on war?

HE did not like th e view +ignore don't know if right

How did blacks view World War 1?


In which two wars did George Washington serve in the militia?

world war I and world war II

What side of the war was George Clemenceau on in World War 1?

The allies

What actors and actresses appeared in George Stevens World War II Footage - 1946?

The cast of George Stevens World War II Footage - 1946 includes: George Stevens as himself

Who was the queen in World War 2?

There was no queen. However the king during World War 2 was King George VI (Albert Frederick Arthur George)

Who easy because rough men do violent things in the dark of night.?

The actual quote is. "People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to violence in their behalf. " The quote is from George Orwells "war and peace."

View stamps with Adolf Hitler of World War I?

No such thing, as Adolf Hitler was a corporal in World War 1.

British leader in World War I?

David Lloyd George was the British Leader in World War 1.

Who headed the CPI in World War 1?

George Creel headed the CPI in World War 1.

Who was the king of England in World War I?

George V