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to trade and find new land

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Q: What was Robert LaSalle's motives?
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Who paid for Robert LaSalles trips?

France did.

Can you describe Robert de lasalles crew?

they were strong

Where is the starting port of Robert de lasalles voyage?


What were Robert lasalles accomplishments?

finding the misisipi valley and saioling the grat lakes

What were Robert de LaSalle's motives?

Robert de la Salle's motives were riches and land.

What were Robert de la salle's motives?

well i dont know look it up

What is the classification of motives by hilgard?

Hilgard categorized motives into survival motives, social motives, and ego-integrated motives.

What has the author Robert Janjigian written?

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Why was Robert lasalles expedition important?

Robert de La Salle's expedition was important for several reasons. He claimed the Mississippi River and its surrounding territories for France, contributing to the French expansion in North America. This ultimately had a significant impact on the colonization and exploration of the region. La Salle's expedition also helped establish trade networks and alliances with Native American tribes in the area.

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