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Q: What was the Spanish currency in the 1400s?
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What was the currency in Spain in 1400s?

It was the dinheiro

What did Spanish and Portuguese Christians unite in the 1400s?

Spanish and Portuguese Christians united in the 1400s to spread protestant Christianity around the world.

When did the spanish fail to find gold?


Did franciso corando speak spanish?

Yes. He was a Spaniard. Modern Spanish had come to exist by the late 1400s.

One way which the ming dynasty in the early 1400s and the spanish monarchy and the late 1400s are similar is that both governments?

Supported the expansion of overseas trade.

What money was used in South Africa from the 1400s until today?

There is no single currency in use from the 1400's till today.

Spanish explorers first arrived in the Americas?

I'm only 14 and I know this(: It was the late 1400s

When did spanish explorers first arrive in the Americas late 1400s or late 1500s?

In the late 1400x

Spanish people buy stuff with?

The Spanish currency is the Euro.

How do you say currency in Spanish?

"Currency" in Spanish is "valuta". It is pronounced "bah-LOO-tah". Please see this site for confirmation of the translation: first language is Spanish and that's NOT the name for money in Spanish!You gave this person the translation of the word "currency" to Danish. correct translation of "Currency" to Spanish is "Moneda"I should know, I speak Spanish!

What was the currency in the 1400s?

As today, there were different currencies in different countries. You need to say where you mean before this question can be answered

How were the goals of Spanish and Portuguese sailors the same in the 1400s?

All explorers were looking for a water route to Asia and gold.